Waters GCT Premier

This machine is a Waters GCT Premier – "Accurate Mass" GC/MS system. This is an Agilent 7890 GC coupled with a Waters Time-Of-Flight mass spectrometer capable of exact mass measurements, allowing for full characterization of samples.

This is one of the older, still-functioning machines in our labs, but it still gives excellent results.

Uses include natural product research, waste water and pesticide analysis, polymer analysis and flavour and fragrance research.

The autosampler on this machine is an HP7683 injector with a 100 x 2mL sample tray.


  • Resolution: 7000FWHM
  • Exact mass: sub 5ppm RMS.
  • Spectral sampling rate: 25,000/s.
  • Spectral aquisition rate: 20 spectra/s.
  • EI and CI sources.
  • Picogram sensitivity.


  • Instrument control, data acquisition and analysis using MassLynx for Windows XP.