Agilent DD2 500MHz nmr

This instrument has a mixed heritage. When purchased is was an Oxford Intruments nmr - Varian Inc. bought out parts of Oxford Instruments in 2008 before being aquired by Agilent in 2009. Agilent then exited the nmr business in 2014.

This machine is a 500MHz resolution nmr, equipped with liquid-helium-cooled super-conducting magnets. This machine needs to be operated by trained experts.

Equipped for analysis of liquids and solids, this system is unique in that it can be hyphenated to HPLC to allow for separation of mixtures and acquisition of NMR data simultaneously. This system is primarily used by materials chemists, environmental scientists, natural product chemists and those who pursue metabolomics.


  • 11.74 Tesla magnetic field (500MHz for 1H analysis).
  • Equipped for solution-state, solid-state, and HPLC-NMR analyses.
  • Ideal for low mass level analysis, metabolomics, and structural elucidation.
  • Solutions probe: (2 channel broadband multinuclear analysis, 1D and 2D experiments).
  • Solids probe: (2 channel broadband multinuclear analysis, 1D experiments) .
  • LC-NMR probe: (2 channel broadband multinuclear analysis, 1D and 2D experiments)
  • Varian ProStar HPLC system.


  • VnmrJ