Perkin Elmer Axion iQT GCMS

This machine is a Clarus 680GC attached to an Axion iQT mass spectrometer. This mass spectrometer is a new design which harnesses the best parts of a triple quad and a TOF spectrometer.

MS/MS analysis allows for the selected fragmentation of specific ions to aid in identification of organic and bio-molecules. Output from the initial fragmentation process (MS1) is fed into a collision cell where selected ion ranges are fragmented again (MS2). The output from MS2 provides structural information about the parent ions, aiding in their identification.

MS/MS is a leading technique in sequence determination of peptides and other bio-molecules.


  • 108-vial integrated liquid autosampler.
  • Parallel Reaction Monitoring (PRM) Capability.
  • EI and Cold EI ionization source.
  • 1,000,000 u/sec scan speed.
  • MS/MS analysis


  • Perkin Elmer Mass IQ software (Windows 10)