Agilent 7000 GCMS

This machine is an Agilent 7000C GC triple quad GC-Mass spectrometer capable of MS/MS analysis. The GC in this system is an Agilent 7890B.

This GC is equipped with an Agilent GC Sampler 120 autosampler, capable of 98 x 2mL sample vials or 32 x 20mL sample vials. The sensitivity of the mass spectrometer makes this machine ideal for analysis of pesticide residues and organic pollutants.


  • Two independently MS heated hyperbolic quadrupole mass filters.
  • Single hexapole collision cell.
  • Independently GC controlled collision cell gas flows.
  • 4 femtogram instrument detection limit.
  • Mass Range: 10 to 1,050 m/z.
  • Scanning speed: up to 6,250 u/s.


  • Aglient Mass Hunter