Waters 6000 HPLC

This instrument is included for posterity. It was the machine I learned on when it was connected to a chart plotter (for output) when I did my undergrad. Circa 1972 it still works! What is not shown in this photograph is the Shimadzu CBM-101 which connects this system to two other similarly aged systems, allowing 'networking' of these sytems to a single control computer.

This Waters 6000 HPLC is currently setup in an undergraduate Separations Laboratory for the determination of Caffeine by HPLC-UV. Once the attached Windows 95 computer dies, this will probably end up in a museum...

It uses a manual injection into the Rheodyne valve.


  • Waters 6000 pump.
  • SPD-10AV UV-detector.
  • Rheodyne 7125 valve.


  • Instrument control and data acquisition via CLASS-LC in Windows 95.